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To help you celebrate every occasion. No matter the size! Itsy bitsy, tiny, small, bundle, big, large, extra large!! Absolutly customizable as well. 

"It was the most amazing Wedding Doughnut Cake! It was easy for my family and friends to grab and go"

Happy Bride 


Small delivery charge of $0.55 cents per mile

Only during hours of operation. 


Full Service Catering

Doughnut tier wedding cakes, totally customization






BGB Catering

What our customers are saying

You catered at my reunion dinner last night and it was Phenomenal! 

Guests raved about the food and presentation, and your staff was delightful!

 Thank you!

Nichole Sutherland

What our customers are saying

Can we get married again so we can have this cake?

Heather Dawn

I asked for a pokemon themed birthday party! Beyond Glaze sure met my expectations!!!

Joseph Richard